Opioids can be a lifesaver if you’re struggling with short-term pain, but these powerful drugs often lead to dependence and addiction. At Family Medicine Clinic in Lakewood and Federal Way, Washington, Vuthy Leng, MD, provides addiction care. He supports you if you have an addiction with Suboxone®, one of the most successful medications for detoxing. Men and women who are struggling with opioid dependence and addiction can call the office or schedule a consultation using the online tool.

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How do I know I need help for opioid addiction?

Opioids are a class of pain relievers usually prescribed for valid reasons, such as after surgery or for acute pain. Opioid drugs include medications like oxycodone, Vicodin®, and Percocet®.

For most people, opioid use is valid and short term. However, some people just can’t stop, even when the source of pain resolves.

Signs that opioid addiction is a problem that would benefit from Suboxone treatment include:

  • Drug use that interferes with work and personal relationships
  • An inability to stop using the drug even when the source of pain is gone
  • Changes in behavior in order to acquire the drug

You should also be concerned about addiction if you have a past history or family history of drug or substance abuse.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a prescription medication approved by the FDA that contains the active ingredient buprenorphine. The medication also contains naloxone, which remains inactive unless Suboxone is misused.

Suboxone can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for opioid addiction and dependence. When used with counseling and behavioral therapy, it can help you kick your habit.

How does Suboxone work?

Suboxone is a partial agonist that maintains an even level of opioid effects, so you don’t have major symptoms of withdrawal. Opioids have compounds that bind with receptors in your brain to create euphoria and dependence. When you take Suboxone, it occupies these receptors so the narcotics have nothing to which they can bind. You don’t get the same euphoric effect with the opioids and these addictive medications have less control over you.

What is involved in a Suboxone treatment plan?

Family Medicine Center offers Suboxone in combination with behavioral therapies and counseling. This type of medication-assisted treatment is the most effective therapy for the treatment of opioid use disorder, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

You can be maintained on this treatment plan for as long as needed. Dr. Leng is a Suboxone-certified physician with vast experience helping people overcome addiction. He monitors your well-being and the progression of your recovery with a customized treatment plan.

Will Suboxone treatment cause side effects?

Suboxone creates some of the same positive feelings you get with opioids. You’re able to wean off narcotics without the extreme withdrawal experienced if you go cold turkey off the addictive drugs. You’ll feel normal and free of extreme cravings.

The call to seek help for opioid dependence is hard to make, but well worth it. Contact Family Medicine Clinic today or book an appointment online.